Philly Tri- TriRock Series Race day timeline

I’ve plotted out my morning so nothing gets forgotten. This will also be a handy timeline for the family I have coming to watch so they know where to expect to see me and when. Pretty easy to modify to your race and start time and expected splits.

Race Day Timeline 
4:00 AM Sleep
4:15 AM Keep sleeping
4:30 AM Wake up
4:45 AM Drink coffee, Eat Muesli
5:00 AM Pack car
5:15 AM Poop
5:30 AM Drive to Please Touch Museum, bike to transition
5:45 AM Set transition area with race materials
6:00 AM Get on bus. Hi Fives all around
6:15 AM Last bus for swim start leaves at 6:20
6:30 AM Eat power bar
6:45 AM  
7:00 AM Jog for 20 minutes
7:15 AM 50 push ups
7:30 AM stretch and warm down
7:45 AM M35-39 Start at 7:47 AM
8:00 AM Estimated swim time 20 miutes
8:15 AM Should be on the bike by 8:15-20 AM
8:30 AM Bike- Arrive towards Memorial Hall from Blackrock road
8:45 AM Bike- Halfway point
9:00 AM Bike- Coming to the finish
9:15 AM Enter transition
9:30 AM Run should start around 9:20-25
9:45 AM Run – Pass transition area between 9:30am and 9:50
10:00 AM Finish!

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