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Great results from my coached athlete Mike Csuy

May 10, 2013

I have been coaching Mike now for six years and we have had some great results together. He doesn’t get the chance to race a lot, but this year already he has been on two podiums; the 2nd step at the Rock Lititz race and the top step at the Piscitello Law crit in Malvern. He road both races very tactically smart and used brute strength in some cases to put himself in the right position. Great job Mike!

New training plan available

August 8, 2012

I have a new plan posted at Training Peaks for the cyclocross season about to start here on the East Coast. Check out my plans at Training Peaks. I already have key races entered in the plan for MACC and PACX but if you want to have this plan altered for your specific targets, I can do that at a low additional charge. The five month, Mid Atlantic Cyclocross- 2012 Season plan is only $200. 

Liberty Classic Radio Tour

May 25, 2011

Once again I will be doing bilingual English/French Radio Tour during the Liberty Classic. Interested in Radio Tour? Check out USA Cycling’s good PDF on what it is and how it is conducted. This is essentially the training manual.

The Liberty Classic is a women’s UCI race promoted by the Pro Cycling Tour and this will be its 16th consecutive running. Check here for even more details. Despite 4 repeats of the Manayunk Wall and Lemon Hill, this race is very much a sprinters race. It’s also one of the few opportunities that local amateur racers from the East Coast will have to race against international pro riders.

For live tweet updates, follow @gofullgas, @podiumlive, and @procyclingtour.

This is going to be fun

Craig Lebair Race Report

May 20, 2011

I’ve been a slacker, holding onto these reports for so long. Here is another great result for Craig at the Granogue single speed MTB race. The following are his words:

Today was the granogue mtn bike race.  I toed the line with a few other expert ss riders and got set for a 20+ mile race.  Such a stellar venue.  And so much terrain change.  From the start I entered the hole shot in second. The dude in first was killing it.  He was a big dude. Pretty strong but I wasn’t too worried. The single track trail was pretty tight (advantage me).  I caught up to.him and sat on his wheel for half of the first lap.  We already significantly gapped the field and I was feeling good. I was spinning away and he started letting up.  I motivated him to.push it up a big climb and he kinda cracked.  I went around him and that was it.  I rode a solid race. And felt stellar until halfway through the third and final lap.  I pushed it up a little punchy section and felt something going on in my quads.  I knew I had a sizeable lead so I had to be smrt.  My quad were cramping and I knew there were a few rock gardens and few long hills to climb before the finish. I death marched my way through these. Cried 3 times and came across the line 2 min ahead of 2nd and 6.5 min ahead of third.  But def a challenging course put on by a real professional promoter.

Craig Lebair Race Report

May 20, 2011

Craig writes this report after a great top podium result at the Fairhill MTB race where he raced Expert class Single Speed. He tells me he will begin racing Elite class once he gets his geared bike built up. Below are his words:

Today was the mass race at fairhill.  I was signed up for elite but switched to expert single speed at the last minute which proved to be the best idea ever.  The course is very flowy.  Starts out with big grass prologue then onto the course. Wide double track for about 1 mile then a bunch of single track some punchy climbs some log overs and some creek/ stream crossings.  So I warmed up riding the prologue and the finish and figured that was enough of the course I needed to see. The expert race was 3 laps of a 7.5 mile course.  I knew I always strt out quickly and as the race started that is what I did.  By the time I was onto the course I was riding third wheel and we were already gapping the field.  after a creek crossing and a power climb it was me and one other guy drilling it and increasing our gap.  We rode smoothly the first two laps with identical lap.times.for each lap.  At the start of the third lap I pushed a lil hard up the gravel climb and dropped the #2 ss speed guy.  My leg was cramping but I pushed through it. Crossed the line first in my class. With a minute over 2nd and 2.5 min over third.  Really stoked about giving ciclismo a win for the season.  Ps. My Cdale ss with lefty front fork killed it!

Mike Csuy early season win

May 20, 2011

Here is Mike’s race report from the South Jersey Spring series. The following is the course profile and his race report. I’m a little late getting this up, this race was on March 13, 2011

The route was a basically flat 3 mile loop with 4 wide left turns.   Once you took turn 2 into the long straightaway, there was a bad headwind and as you approached turn 3, there was a small rise.

The 35+ group went out first for a 50 minute race, then we (45+) were let go a few minutes later for a 40 minute race.  The 35+ had started their lap particularly easy, so we caught them on the first lap in the headwind area.  Once that occurred, it seemed they were more motivated and the attacks began.    And since we were now merged, our race also became a 50 minute race.

Ryan Mitchell and John Dalzell were also in the field with me and both were riding well for so early in the season.  In the 35 group, Josh Davison and Warren Holzman were attacking on a regular basis and from the 45, there has David Lowe doing the same.  True to my usual foolish style of racing, I tried to go with every break.  A few times, guys got away for a ½ lap or more, but each time were eventually reeled in.  And each time thru the headwind stretch we lost a few more.

As we approached the S/F for the final lap Josh once again came to the front and rolled off without anyone taking up the chase.  I came to the front at the S/F and pulled thru turn 2, where I motioned for someone to come thru and nobody did, so I sat up, pulled over and easy pedaled in the wind.  The field pulled in behind me and I started thinking…  “I know I don’t have a sprint this time of year, and I have no idea which of the remaining riders are 45 vs 35… so F^#% it!”  …and I stood up and gave my “best available” effort into the wind.  I got a gap and settled into a TTish rhythm for the rest of that section, then tried to get up the little rise as fast as I could.  After turn 3, you have a side wind, but it felt so much easier there, and I was trying to really kill it through there and just hang on until I could get that tailwind…

At turn 4, I looked back and still had a decent gap, but they were coming, but I had just enough left to get across for the win.

Today’s Garmin Connect details

August 18, 2010

Today’s morning sprint workout. 8 sprints, pretty quick, at 4 minutes a piece with 1 minute recovery

Untitled by gofullgas at Garmin Connect – Details.

Cyclocross Coaching Plans

August 2, 2010

I am putting together some coaching plan templates for the PA cyclocross series and the MAC cyclocross series, both culminating with nationals as the final A race. These plans are 6 month training plans, from August 1 to December 12. This year Cyclocross Nationals are in Bend, Oregon from December 9-12. Either plan will give you access to a Training Peaks account to monitor your training. Flat fee of only $250

If you are interested in purchasing a coaching plan, or would like to discuss starting a fully personalized training plan with a coach, please contact me at coach(@)

Wilmington Grand Prix

May 24, 2010

I signed up for the 2/3 and 3/4 in order to get in extra race miles, as my season has been a theme of setbacks. I almost rode to Wilmington by bike just for the extra miles, which in retrospect I should have done, considering how sketchy Craig’s driving is.

I felt like I had a good warm up for the 2/3 race but I wasn’t mentally prepared for the speed into the corners. That’s one thing you don’t really practice. I felt strong, but rode very cautiously the first 5 laps which put me in a bad position.

Gaps opened up everywhere and I was always on the wrong end. I tried to get a group going but only one guy was willing to keep working. 1 lap later we were pulled. I never even saw Craig.
I was glad to have gotten in this race pace warmup and pre ride though, it was well worth the $35! I knew exactly what I had to do for the 3/4. At the start line, I got as close as I could, clipped in at the whistle, and sprinted for the first corner and took it fast. In fact, I took every corner fast. Hands down, this was the most fun course of the season. Nothing like putting your chin on your bars, ignoring your brakes, and just letting it ride into the bumpiest chicane on the east. We were really tearing it up.
I’m stoked to have played a small part in Matt’s race, and I would have played a bigger role if a gap hadn’t opened up 3 riders ahead of me with 8 laps to go. Funny thing is, I was ready to quit, but this made me mad!
I got into a good rotation with 1 guy from Brandywine Cyclery and we swapped sides, him pulling on the backside, and I pulled the home stretch. We actually kept the group at 500 meters for 5 laps, which was depressing, but our speed in the corners was outweighed by their speed in the headwind.

The officials shortened our race by 1 lap (I think) but I was happy to finish. He made me pull the backside into the final 2 corners and I was afraid he would jump me. So I took it fast and loose into the last corner and then let it rip to the line, easily holding off the guy for 2nd to last place 🙂 I finished 32 out of 33 finishers, with 98 riders registered. In the Cat 2/3 race, 122 were registered and 46 finished, so basically only 1/3 of the field in each race.

My legs and lungs felt great and I am excited for racing again next month. See you out there.


May 14, 2010

You would think that time away from training would enable me to spend more time blogging my thoughts on the classics and sharing training tips. But wow, bronchitis takes a lot out of you. I was fully sick for three weeks and am still not 100%. I missed Lower Providence and Turkey Hill. I’m not in shape for racing, but I’m going to give it a go anyhow this coming weekend.

Coming up: race reports from one of my coached athletes from his spring racing campaign as well as from my own racing. And if we’re lucky, some reports and photos from 2009 cyclocross. That’s the plan anyway.